Round the clock surveillance and remote monitoring

Riber Monitoring Alarm Receiving centre (ARC) gives you a fully operational ARC at a competitive rate. The ARC provides full online backup, bringing total peace of mind and keeping an ever watchful eye on your premises every hour of every day of the year.


Vista / HeiTel remote transmission units. Capable of working on TCP/IP networks.


            • Simultaneous Display of 9 Separate Video Sources vistalogo
            • Inserting of Transmitter-specific Info Texts
            • Control Center Application Event Logging
            • Intuitive Operation with Reference Image Function
            • Online Evaluation of Pre-Alarms and HDD Archives
            • Automatic Connections at Transmitter Alarming
            • Comprehensive Evaluation of POS Data and Archives
            • Automatic Image Recording on PC Receiver Archive smartdisc
            • Multi Image View with Automatic Identification
            • Remote Control of all Usual PTZ Remote Systems
            • Device Functionality via IP & Telephone Networks
            • Multilingual User Interface


ADPRO® FastTrace
ADPRO® FastTrace is a Multi-Site Video Security System for evidential quality recording that delivers rapid remote access of live events and instant retrieval of stored images.

DMSeamless Viewing with NetVu ObserVer

Dedicated Micros NetVu ObserVer video management software, allows users to seamlessly view distributed images from any “NetVu Connected” product, such as the New DS2 or DV-IP Server, from any moment in time, anywhere in the world


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